In today’s world, all of us buy products and services under the influence of advertisements. From purchasing household needs to office supplies, finding a perfect holiday destination to watching a new movie, almost every aspect of life is persuaded by advertisements. Most businesses use advertisements as effective business solutions to target businesses, investors, and customers to promote their goods and services. 

Advertising business-to-consumer (B2C) is different from advertising business-to-business (B2B). Although your mission is to essentially sell a product or service, both forms of advertising and strategies used to accomplish these goals are different. 

What is B2C Advertising?

B2C advertising refers to an advertising technique where a business is trying to promote its products and services to consumers while focusing on the benefits of that product or service. Targeting customers can be tough due to a short attention span and frequent exposure. Their final decision depends on your method of persuasion. Consumers are less interested in lengthy videos, pitches or presentations and prefer a straight-to-the-point tactic. So, every business should come up with marketing strategies that are simple and easy to understand. Your most effective advertising strategy should focus on results and fulfilling your target market’s needs. Methods of advertisement are also different. Social media platforms have grown in popularity when it comes to advertising your products and services. 

What is B2B advertising?

In B2B advertising, you need to pay more attention to the logic and features of the product. There isn’t necessarily a personal interaction, you need to take the time to research the potential buyers and understand how they operate to form a solid business pitch. In hindsight, you’re not persuading one person to purchase your product, you’re persuading an entire business to form a partnership and to work with you. Simply speaking, you’re not just selling your product and service you’re also selling your business. Building a firm business relationship will be essential to selling your product and service. You’re not targeting a need you’re convincing the business that they need you. This type of advertisement can potentially generate exponential profit.  

Difference Between B2C and B2B Advertising


  • B2C strategies target the consumers’ needs, (ex. Adding features to a product to satisfy a particular need) 
  • Customers do not have a long-term relationship with the salesperson, transactions are quick and simple.
  • Consumers aren’t investing hundreds of thousands of dollars on a product or service
  • B2C purchases are driven by emotion so marketers try to target the customers using emotionally triggering tactics (ex. Using certain colours, sounds and imagery to portray a mood)  
  • B2C companies aim for shore sale cycles between the buyer and consumer
  • B2C uses different marketing strategies and methodology when targeting customers (ex. Social media, billboards etc…) 


  • B2B strategies convince the other business that they need you.
  • Companies are not purchasing products based on impulse; they look for detailed information on profit margins, inventory, logistics and so forth
  • B2B strategies involve getting to know the business that you’re trying to sell to and forming a strong business relationship 
  • B2B encourages long-term business relationships 
  • Business-to-business companies have a longer sales cycle.  

Challenges You May Face for Both B2C and B2B Advertising

When it comes to both B2C and B2B advertising, nailing the right strategy and using the correct tactics are key. However, just like everything else, there will always be common challenges to face such as: 

  • Differentiating Between B2C & B2B: Most businesses seem to confuse the two and use B2C and B2B methods interchangeably. As we’ve discussed prior, different tactics should be used when confronting a consumer versus a business 
  •  Customizing Advertisement: Advertisement should reflect your consumers, different research is required when it comes to advertising. B2C advertisements should reflect their target audience whereas B2B should be focused on presenting your business in a way that’ll attract the other business you are trying to sell to. The language used, imagery and even levels of professionalism should be considered. 
  • Understanding Different Needs: Expectations are different when it comes to B2C and B2B. An individual consumer already has a need and is looking to satisfy that need. An individual consumer would have already done their research, looked at reviews so they know what to expect. B2B has higher expectations and doesn’t necessarily have an underlying need starting off. 

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