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The Brokerlii Advantage

At Brokerlii, we use our deep expertise in technology and service businesses to develop and  implement the right growth strategy for businesses, manufacturers, and suppliers. We will leverage our years of experience to help you increase sales, control costs, and access buyers.

How it Works

Our Approach


Brokerlii for Businesses

Business owners benefit from expertly-delivered services that support the following favourable outcomes:

  • Access to premium suppliers and industry-leading innovation partners
  • Accelerated sales cycle combined with reduced cost of sales
  • Fast, efficient, and secure communications
  • Minimum hassles and faster negotiation processes
  • More efficient sourcing of products
  • Expert development of product catalogues

Brokerlii for Manufacturers and Suppliers

If you are a manufacturer or supplier, Brokerlii can expand your customer base and strengthen your bottom line by helping you:

  • Advertise to preferred buyers in targeted industries
  • Present your products in a manner that increases demand and inspires offers
  • Boost your sales through catalogues
  • Find customers who are ready to buy
  • Reduce customer service costs while increasing customer satisfaction


Our expert services include:

  • Strategic Support. Gain peer insight from industry experts to help you navigate through industry challenges and optimize your business.
  • Advertisement. Join the Brokerlii network and advertise to buyers in targeted industries that are ready to buy.
  • Procurement Support. Streamline product sourcing and easily connect with manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and importers in many prominent industries.
  • eCommerce Catalog Development. Develop a clear and detailed catalog of reliable products to ensure trust between you and your customers.


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Brokerlii will facilitate your growth strategy by leveraging our industry knowledge and business development experience as well as our global network of industry experts. To learn more, fill in the contact form below and a representative will be in touch.


Brokerlii is a results-driven brokerage and supply chain management company focused on building profitable relationships, enabling growth, and delivering long-term value for clients in the technology, electronics, e-commerce, construction, and restaurant industries.


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